About Computer Department of Agricultural Education

The Department was established to offer degree programmes in Science Education such as Agricultural Science Education, Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, physics Education,  Education Technology and other programmes that will be approved by the National University Commission (NUC). In lieu with the main objective of the Faculty, graduates trained in the Department should be able to:

  • teach their chosen subjects effectively in secondary schools and teacher training colleges
  • infuse creativity into everyday teaching and learning
  • utilize their specialized training to give leadership in critical assessment ant the development of self-discipline.
  • acquisition of competencies and problem solving skills
  • training of the mind in the understanding and contributing to the development of the society.
  • in specific terms, the degree programmes are expected to produce mathematics and science teachers possessing and employing actively and creatively in the following skills: (a) Systematic inquiry skills (b). analytical skills (c) technical skills (d) communication and human relation skills and (e) management and organization skills.

Opportunity to explore and collaborate

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Students from across the nation

Computer Science student come from across Nigeria and throughout the world, representing diverse perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and cultures.